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What is Sleep apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a disorder  in  which there is excess daytime sleepiness,insomnia,nightmares,sleep deprivation,snoring.In this condition breathing stops and starts during the night. It is caused by a blockage of the airway, which makes breathing difficult. This can happen for short periods of time, called an apnea event, or it can happen for long periods of time, called an apnea episode. Sleep apnea is a condition in which the walls of the throat relax, narrowing the airway. This leads to a brief cessation of breathing. Sleep apnea is more common in overweight people and those who snore loudly. Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that causes the person to stop breathing over the night. It can be caused by the narrowing of airways during sleep, or it can happen because of some other condition, such as obesity.
Apnoea  means a condition  in  which  an  individual  stops  breathing  for a while. Sleep  apnoea  is a  condition  in  which  breathing  stops  in between  during  sleep and  then  starts  again. It  creates  lot of disturbances  during  sleep .


There are  several  episodes  of  sleep apnoea  during  one  sleep period.
As  the  individual  is  not  able to have  routine  night  sleep, his  routine  sleep  hrs  are  not  complete, so  he  feels  sleepy during  the  day.
He  is  not  able to  concentrate on  his  work.
During  night  time  he  has  got  restless  sleep, and undue  loud  snoring  is  present  which  also disturbs  the  sleep  of  other  family  members.
Most  of  the  people  suffering  from  sleep  apnoea  have  obstructive  sleep  apnoea a condition  in which  there is  physical  obstruction  to  breathing due to blockage  in the  upper  airway. Obstructive sleep apnoea  is  much more  common.

Other  type  is-

Complications  of  Sleep  apnoea-

Symptoms and  signs  of  sleep  apnoea. No
An  individual with  sleep apnoea may be  totally  unaware of these  symptoms.
These may be  detected  by  his  family  members-
Family  members  detect that  in  between  during  sleep  there  is  cessation  of  breathing  .
This  is  followed by noisy  breathing.
loud  snoring  is  present
gasping  is  observed

Things  noticed  by  individual-

Treatment  of  sleep apnoea –

Surgery –

Side  effects of  MRD-


Causes /Eitiology  of  sleep  apnoea –

Risk factors  association with sleep apnoea –

Sleep  apnoea  is associated with  the  following  disorders –

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